Electrical Repairs Bridgwater

Electricity is the energy which lights our streets, powers our homes, and brings comfort and excitement to our lives. We depend on it for heating, lighting, cooking, cleaning, and entertainment. Where would we be if we couldn’t plug in our appliances, tools, phones, tablets and computers? It’s no wonder that when the electrical systems at home or at work are not functioning properly it can cause major disruption to our lives. But when residents of Bridgwater and the surrounding areas need electrical repairs, help is at hand.

HM Electrical Services (1996) Ltd are a company of electrical engineers of over 35 years’ professional experience. Whether the task is in a domestic, commercial, or industrial setting, HM are up to the job. We are experienced in conducting PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) inspections, which ensure all your small appliances are working correctly and safe to use. PAT testing is not a legal requirement, but most businesses recognize the value of having a regular schedule for checking electrical equipment, and it’s a good idea for private householders too. When faults are identified in the electrical equipment at your Bridgwater business or home, repairs can be quickly undertaken. Prompt attention may save your employees, customers or guests from suffering electrical shock or other injuries related to poorly maintained equipment. And having a record that your appliances has received regular checks will prove that you take your duty of care seriously in case an accident does occur. The PAT testing process begins with a visual inspection of the appliance, its external components, and its power cables and connections. Then, an electrical tester is used to check that all the internal components are operating in the expected manner. HM Electrical Services can perform any required repairs on site at your Bridgwater business or home.

Of course, appliances are not the only things in our Bridgwater businesses and homes which may require electrical repairs. Plug sockets, wiring, electricity meters, light switches and fittings, boiler controllers, radiator pumps – all these are things we rely on every day, yet the electrical components which make up these systems must all be maintained and cared for. The qualified electricians at HM Electrical Services of Bridgwater have been making repairs to such devices for years, and our first class customer focussed service makes keeping your electrical infrastructure running as easy as a walk in the park. As professional contractors involved in installations at all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial premises, we are always right up to date when it comes to working practices and available technologies. Our contractors are NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) approved, so the repairs we carry out at properties in Bridgwater and the surrounding areas are completed to the highest standard, with a comprehensive guarantee to set your mind at ease.

You wont regret choosing HM Electrical Services (1996) Ltd to carry out repairs at your Bridgwater business or home. Please see our website for more details and to fill out a contact form.