Commercial Electricians Somerset

Welcome to HM Electrical Services, the best commercial electricians in Somerset. While we offer a range of services for domestic clients, we’ve got some specifically for business owners or industrial contractors. By combining our vast experience with a professional and friendly attitude, we believe you’ll struggle to find better electricians for any job.
Specialised Commercial Electricians In Somerset
There are plenty of differences between a commercial building and a domestic one. As such, we’ve designed a variety of services to cater to our commercial customers. Regardless of how big or small your business is, you will benefit from any or all of these amazing services:

Electrical Installations: Our team handles all electrical installations that are needed in your commercial property. We’re fast and efficient, ensuring we’re out of your hair and you can continue with business operations as quickly as possible.

Data Cabling: Connectivity is very important for modern businesses and being one of the leading commercial electricians in Somerset, we know this. With our data cabling service, we can hook your premises up to the internet and install phone lines, etc. We can install superfast cables for you, ensuring your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Landlord Safety Certificates: If you’re the owner of a property, we can provide you with landlord safety certificates upon an inspection. This is necessary for all landlords that are looking for private tenants.

Electrical Testing and Inspection: We’ve got highly qualified commercial electricians that will test and inspect all the electrical equipment on your premises. This guarantees it’s all working well, and there are no risks in your business.

Part P Registered: We’re a Part P registered company which means we have a duty to make sure all our work protects you from fire and electric shocks. So, regardless of the service you choose, you know we’ll keep you safe.

Rewiring: We handle any rewiring jobs that are needed in your commercial property. This is often the case when you move to a different location, and the electrics are old and outdated.

17th Edition Distribution Board: Our team can install and provide you with a 17th edition distribution board to help manage your electric better and check for blown fuses.
Trustworthy Commercial Electricians In Somerset
We’ve established ourselves as one of the most trusted commercial electricians in Somerset. Business owners come to us as they know what they’re getting. We guarantee a fast and friendly service, that’s as professional as can be. We don’t want to disrupt business operations for too long, so we aim to be quick. However, this quickness doesn’t come with a compromise on quality; you get the best of both worlds from us.
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If you’re keen to enjoy any of the amazing commercial services we offer, please get in touch with us today. Call us, or send an email, and we can discuss things with you. You’ll receive a free no obligation quote before we carry out any work.

Improve your business today by hiring the best commercial electricians in Somerset.