Wall plug fitting Bridgwater

Wall Plug Fitting Bridgwater

Many new build houses have plenty of wall plug sockets – it is often a priority in the construction plan. But if you own an older property, you have likely run up against a common problem – there is never a plug socket where you need it.
Is this a problem that you have discovered? It can be very frustrating to find that there is a plug on one side of the bedroom but not the other, or that the TV lead will not quite reach where you want the TV.
One solution that people commonly use is to run extension leads from one part of the room to another. In some instances, this can be helpful. You may need to temporarily move something from one location to another and an extension cord can allow this to happen.
But all too often, extension leads become a regular part of the wiring in a house. Extension leads are used to run around walls and as banks of sockets behind settees, beds and television cabinets. Does this sound like your property? If so, here are three reasons why this is not a good idea:
1) There is a risk of overheating.
Extension leads are intended for temporary use. If left plugged in, they can deteriorate. So that old, faithful lead that has been plugged in for years to power your TV and games consoles could be a fire risk.
2) They can be a trip hazard.
If the wires are not kept tidy, or run across doorways or up flights of stairs, they could easily cause a trip hazard.
3) You can end up overloading your system.
With extension leads, it is easy to leave things plugged in instead of unplugging them to free up a socket. You could find that you have a large number of electrical items all plugged in, many not being used.
What is the solution? Perhaps you should be looking at wall plug fitting. With wall plug fitting, Bridgwater customers have the simple option of having a new plug socket fitted on the wall. By investing in wall plug fitting, Bridgwater property owners can ensure that they have as many plug sockets as they need. No more need for a variety of extension cords running from room to room so you can plug your phone in!
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